Catering services

The line of our activity is food and catering services organization in a number of different state and private institutions such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals etc.
We feel special responsibility for quality of services when collaborating with educational institutions for children and hospitals. We make sure that catering services meet the health standards and other legal requirements.



Why choose us?

Professionally formulated food ration – We offer a menu fully answering the needs of a child, an adult and strictly observe nutritionist recommendations and requirements of children’s/hospital menu compilation principles.
Investments – Depending on agreement terms and conditions we invest in production facilities and technological equipment renewal.
The employees – We provide training programs to the current staff and recruit new personnel for a kitchen.
The price – We supply the foodstuffs from our warehouses using our own logistic system and ourselves render the catering service that enables us to offer a very favorable price to a client.

Contacts for cooperation:
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